what is an atv and what are they used for gator sports floridaMost of us have seen “four-wheelers” and other ATV’s driving around, sometimes for recreational use and other times for commercial purposes. They’re pretty common, especially within the South Florida area. But what are ATV’s exactly, and what are their purpose? For those unfamiliar with these exhilarating and useful vehicles, Gator Sports has put together the perfect article.

What are ATV’s?

The term ATV stands for All-Terrain Vehicle. It encompasses a variety of models and styles designed for various purposes. These vehicles go by several different names, including:

  • Four-wheeler
  • Three-wheeler
  • Quad
  • Quadricycle
  • Quad bike

In some cases, ATV’s can be designed for street legal use, but in general they’re for off-road or private land use. You’ll find them in the military, agricultural areas, nature preserves, outdoor labor jobs, and other similar settings.

All of these vehicles operate on low pressure tires, a seat that is often straddled by the navigator, and handlebars to steer.

What are ATV’s Used For?

ATV’s are often used as a source of recreation. The adrenaline rush of exploring nature and the wild outdoors on the back of an off-road vehicle make it an attractive pastime in Southwest Florida and across the nation.

But did you know they’re used on the job quite often, too? ATV’s are capable of all kinds of tasks, such as snow plowing, killing weeds, winching, camping, hunting, mowing, plowing, transporting materials, and much, much more!

The secret of its versatility is in the various models and customizable options. You can customize your ATV based on what you want it to do. ATV’s are sturdy, rugged, multi-faceted vehicles capable of taking on off-road jobs that a regular vehicle simply cannot.

Are ATV’s and UTV’s the Same?

Not necessarily. They’re in the same family, but they vary in function. An ATV as we stated before is an All-Terrain Vehicle. It typically is designed for one rider. A UTV is a Utility Task Vehicle designed to fit between two to six individuals per vehicle.

UTV’s are designed for specialized jobs, hauling heavy objects, and street legal functions. ATV’s are fast, nimble sports vehicles. You’ll find ATV’s used in sports and exploring the great outdoors more than their UTV cousins.

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