You’re having Southwest Florida fun out on the tracks and trails but there’s more to your ATV than a nice day and fun ride (though there is nothing better than that!) Safety should be a key component for every rider. Besides riding safely, you should consider insurance. ATV insurance can protect you and your vehicle in the event of an accident.

ATV insurance covers a variety of important features including the vehicle itself. No one wants to plan for an accident but the truth is, they happen. ATV’s can be quite expensive, nearing thousands of dollars. If an accident occurs, you’ll want to have insurance so you don’t have to replace a totaled ATV out of your own pocket. An ATV insurance policy is much cheaper than a brand new vehicle.

ATV insurance also protect you, the rider. Your policy can help your bodily injuries if an accident does occur. What’s even more expensive than an ATV is medical costs. If you are hurt while driving, the insurance can cover a portion of your medical bills. The extent of the coverage depends on your policy.

Another huge advantage of ATV insurance is property damage coverage. You can be an experienced driver and still make mistakes. In the event of property damage, be it a wall or a fence, ATV insurance will cover it. Insurance can be synonymous with “peace of mind”.

Lastly, liability is also covered. If someone injures themselves while riding your vehicle or, likewise, if you hurt someone else, insurance will help cover their medical costs and any other costs they may need.

Your safety is the most important thing to Gator Sports. We want you to have a fun, safe ride that leaves a smile on your face. Contact us for any service or repair on your ATV. We are always happy to help!