stretching and atv riding gator sports florida polarisWhen you think of ATV riding, stretching may not be a skill or practice that comes to mind. However, it is an important routine to incorporate into your habits. The benefits of stretching not only help prevent injury and soreness, but also improves your muscle strength. Take a look at how it works:

Regular Stretching Makes You More Resistant to Injuries

Without active stretching, our muscles become tight. That tightness is more than just uncomfortable. It leaves us more vulnerable to injuries because it doesn’t take much to push them outside of their comfort zone.

Stretching gives your muscles a wider range of motion, expanding their resistance to injury. How does this work to your advantage? Let’s assume you miscalculate while riding your ATV and find yourself in an accident.

Flexibility reduces your risk of injury because it enables your body to be more limber. This means that your body is more likely to give way to any unexpected momentum or force without causing damage because it is more capable of withstanding extreme or sudden movements. With expanded flexibility, you become less likely to incur muscle strains, soreness, and even torn muscles and ligaments.

You’ll also find that you won’t feel as much of that muscle soreness that often lingers after a hard race or ride. This is because stretching helps clear your body of the lactic acid that builds up when your muscles are in use.

Talk about a great advantage on those tough rides!

Stretching Actually Makes Your Muscles Stronger

Did you know that flexibility can lead to stronger muscles? We’re not kidding! You see, your muscles aren’t naturally flexible. You have to stretch them consistently in order to build up their tolerance for expanded range of motion.

The stretches that increase your flexibility put your muscles under stress, challenging them to reach and bend farther than they naturally desire. This requires strength to push those muscles further than they previously could and withstand the resistance.

Pretty cool, right?

These are just a few reasons why stretching is advantageous to your ATV training or workout routine. To learn more about our ATV tips and tricks, read the rest of our Gator Sports blog!