Our Service Department is credible, professional, and efficient. Gator Sports specializes in the stock and superior performance of several brands. We are giving you the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind vehicle that fits you personally or professionally. Our team of certified professionals are available for questions, suggestions, and concerns.

Our dedicated service team will take care of your needs with a level of professionalism seldom found in the recreational vehicle industry! Gator Sports is dedicated to safe and professional service. We offer services such as performance tuning, minor or major repairs, routine maintenance, and more! Even if you’re not sure what the problem is, we can help!

Gator Sports honors all warranty work and favor any recalls. We accommodate any type of problem that may arise with your vehicle, including competitive brands, in an efficient, professional, and timely manner.



Gator Sports has the largest team of certified technicians in Southwest Florida. Factory trained and certified, our experienced staff is able to work on a variety of ATVs or Recreational Vehicles in various settings. We provide preventative, regular maintenance, Custom work, or simply a tire/oil change. Gator Sports gets the job done skillfully and professionally!

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