how to protect your atv from theftA quick way to turn a good day south is to have your ATV stolen. If you’re anything like our staff at Gator Sports, your ATV is your baby. It provides an escape from the real world by throwing you into nature at full throttle. The last thing you want is your vehicle for adrenaline fueled adventure snatched out from under you, so how do you keep it safe? Below are a few security musts for protecting your ATV from theft.

Always Protect Your ATV with Insurance

It might seem like common sense for some, but many of us buy insurance based on the cheapest rate and not on coverage. The good news is that covering an ATV is a lost cheaper than insuring your car. You can get high quality coverage for a low annual payment.

Most auto insurance providers have separate policies for sports vehicles, including Nationwide, Geico, and other major agencies. Take your time when you shop for a policy. Do your research and ask your representatives what the policy you’re considering covers. Compare rates with the benefits and choose the best option for your all-terrain vehicle and budget.

Remember, it’s worth paying for peace of mind.

Locking Up Your ATV

It’s hard to steal a vehicle under lock and key. Whether you’re ATV is parked off the trail, on the back of a trailer, or tucked inside a closed garage, make it a habit to lock your ATV every time it’s not in use. There are various types of locks available that you can use, including:

  • Alarm Locks
  • Disc Locks
  • Locking Cables
  • Chain Locks

These locking solutions can range anywhere between $22 to about $100 depending upon the brand you buy and the level of security.

Stay Vigilant

Even with insurance and security locks, it pays to be vigilant. Thieves look for an easy target. If you make it difficult for him or her to quickly and easily gain access to your ATV, you deter them from trying. Make these tips a part of your everyday habits and you’ll reduce your risks of experiencing theft:

  • Always remove the key from your ignition when it’s not in use
  • Do not leave the key stored within the vehicle
  • When parking your ATV in a garage, always keep the garage door shut unless you are present
  • Keep an eye on your vehicle when at a public event, especially after immediately stepping away from it.
  • Add an audible alarm to deter theft and raise quick awareness should anyone tamper with your ATV
  • Use brightly colored locks to raise awareness that security is present on your vehicle

Looking for Security Solutions for Your ATV?

If you’re looking for accessories to bring added security to your ATV, come see us at Gator Sports! Located in LaBelle, our showroom is open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Tuesday through Saturday. You can also contact us directly by calling 863-675-1464 or send us an email by filling out our contact form.