polaris-rides-past-the-competitionWhile most businesses are slowing down this time of year, Polaris is putting the pedal to the metal!

Polaris Sportsman ATV’s, in particular, are becoming the must-have vehicle across the nation. Their power, speeds and durability  is attracting the attention of riders, communities, and even some government organizations.

So what makes Polaris the most sought after vehicle on the market? Gator Sports explores why (and how!) Polaris has stayed the leading provider of ATV’s for decades.

New Modes

There is now a three mode, throttle by wire system on the 90 horsepower Sportsman XP1000. Polaris offers several modes of Sportsman ATVs. Mode 1 provides lower power and limits the speeds to 50mph. The second mode is normal power, but still packs quite a punch. The final mode, Mode 3 is a performance mode that provides quicker throttle response.

More Space

The Sportsman 850’s and 1000’s have a huge deep well storage bin underneath the rear rack to store all kinds of items. Further good news is that the exhaust muffler now runs on the side of this box instead of underneath it reducing heat build up.

…and cupholders! That’s right! Not even the Batmobile has one of those!

New Endeavors

October is shaping up to be a history-making month for Polaris in more ways than one. The ATV giant has recently made a deal with the Marine Corps to equip infantry units with Polaris vehicles. That’s right, Marines will be riding their way to freedom with the help of the latest Polaris vehicle. The Utility Task Vehicle program will collaborate with the Marines to plan and purchase 144 Polaris MRZR-Ds, a new version of the vehicle designed to take diesel and JP8 fuel. The vehicles, scheduled to go into production in October, will feature four seats and a highly durable cargo bed that is capable of carrying 1,500 pounds.

We are not comparing this to a JLTV or an up-armored Humvee or anything like that, said Joaquin Salas, business development for Polaris Defense. It’s designed to stay off road; it’s designed to enable you to be unpredictable. It’s a mule. It’s designed to be there at the most tactical level

Polaris in Southwest Florida

Ready to ride into the future in style? Make the most of your adventure by exploring the tracks and trails of Florida on one of our premiere Polaris vehicles!

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