Maintenance resolutions atv gator sports gator golfThe New Year is a great time to review and refresh. This 2015, don’t forget your vehicles. Commit to a regular maintenance routine and keep your fleet in top shape. It’s not as simple as checking under the hood every now and then, giving it a wash (though that’s always nice). Be involved in your cart. A properly maintained cart will give you years and years of smooth rides and few issues. We understand that not everyone is an expert in golf cart maintenance so we put together a few key areas you should keep an eye on.

Battery Maintenance

Your golf cart battery is a crucial part of your vehicle and its maintenance is synonymous with the lifespan of your golf cart. Charge your battery after every use, even if it was a small trip, plug it in!. Clean it regularly with a wire brush to make sure its free of any particles or debris in the terminals. The battery is the beating heart of the vehicle, a maintained, happy battery will ensure your golf cart’s long life.

Tire Maintenance 

Don’t forget about your tires! Maintain the recommended pressure for most tires of 22psi. You should check your tire’s pressure monthly to be sure they’re in good shape and do not have any holes or damage. Poor air pressure can quite literally weigh down your cart and cause alignment problems-a much larger issue to fix.

Brake Maintenance 

Check and service your golf cart’s breaks every 6 months. Be aware of break pad stoppage, squeaking, and any other causes of concern. Consult a technician immediately if you suspect anything wrong and keep those around you safe. Break maintenance should include checking the break pads, drums, cable, and pedals.

We service and maintain golf carts regularly for personal and professional use. Get in the habit of consistent maintenance in 2015 and ensure you have a smooth ride, year round. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.