All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV’s) are made to traverse untamed grounds. That’s what makes them so exhilarating. Yet as you’re out tackling the great outdoors, your tires are taking the brunt of your vehicle’s wear and tear. Baby them with the proper maintenance and you will get the most out of them, extending their longevity and the joy of the ride. Here are some great tips on how to make your ATV tires last.

Make Sure the Pressure’s “Just Right”

One of the best things you can do for your tires is maintain your PSI. You’ll typically want to go with the pressure specified by the manufacturer, as long as the specification is not higher than the pressure printed on the tire.

Perfect pressure matters. Underinflate and you’ll wear down the sidewalls and tread. It may feel like a smooth ride, but you’re risking punctures and blowout that would not only leave you stranded, but could cause serious injury as well. Overinflate your tires, and you encounter different problems. The swell of your tires will have you riding solely on the center tread, wearing it down and also reducing your traction.

That’s why PSI is such an exact practice. You always want to make sure the pressure’s “just right” in every tire, every time.

Dress for the Occasion

Every terrain has its own challenges. When buying tires, you should always consider what kind of riding conditions you face most regularly. Cater to your needs. You can make custom additions to your tires to accommodate for different riding conditions, including tire studs for additional tread if you’re facing wintry weather.

Ride Prepared

You’ve heard the phrase, “Expect the best, but prepare for the worst.” The same rule of thumb applies to ATV riding. Always pack a flat kit, ratchet strap, and tools. You never know when something could go wrong, and you don’t want to end up stranded.

Customization and ATV Maintenance in SWFL

Some things are better left to a professional. If you’re unfamiliar with ATV maintenance or have some modifications you’d like to make to your vehicle, then bring it by our Gator Sports’ ATV and Recreational Vehicle showroom in Labelle, Florida. You can make an appointment with our Service Department straight from our website!