the difference between atv and utv gator sportsHit the tracks and trails to experience southwest Florida the way it’s meant to be seen. Maybe you want a new adventure for the family, or you want a new toy for yourself! No matter the reason, Gator Sports is your local choice for all Polaris vehicles.

Before you slap that credit card on the counter, are you sure you’re finding the right vehicle for you?

An influx in off-road vehicles has created a host of choices and variety, depending on your need for speed.

You may have heard of ATVs and UTVs. Don’t fret, the team at Gator Sports is telling you everything you need to know about these vehicles so your family can make the right choice.

Utility Task Vehicle (UTV)

UTV certainly sounds professional, and that’s because it is! This small, 2-6 person vehicle is made for on and off-road excursions that are more work related than adventure-focused.

When do you use a UTV?

  • For specialized work
  • To haul heavy objects
  • For a road-capable choice

For a side-by-side vehicle that meets your professional needs, a UTV is the choice for you.

All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)

ATVs may as well have been borne and bred in Florida. A motorized, off-road vehicle, ATVs are fast, nimble, and fun!. Specially designed to travel on low-pressure tires, and ATV is the choice for an off-road adventure!

When do you use an ATV?

  • For Fun
  • For Sport
  • For the Whole Family!

ATVs are the premiere choice for fun in the sun and under the natural canopy of the forest. Unless you’re purchasing a vehicle for professional work purposes, a UTV isn’t going to cut it.

…but I want to explore!

Ready to have some fun in the sun, get muddy and dirty, and really feel like a Florida native? You’re already on the right track! Visit the Gator Sports ATV showroom in Fort Myers where our experienced staff can answer all of your questions. We believe that everyone in southwest Florida should have an ATV to truly explore. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you get into a vehicle and get you started in your new hobby. Contact us today and start seeing southwest Florida in a brand new light!