gatorE-Z-GO is already getting ready for 2015. Earlier this week the leading global manufacturer of golf carts announced that the newest addition to the E-Z-GO family will be the SC-48 Battery Charger for the new 2015 model golf carts. After partnering with Delta-Q Technologies, together the two companies have successfully designed a sustainable, efficient golf cart charger that has a longer lifespan and is field-serviceable.

So what’s the big deal? The SC-48 Charger design will is an obvious improvement from previous models. E-Z-GO is constantly looking for ways to improve their carts and they’ve found it with the new SC-48 Battery Charger. The charger is protected against dirt, water, and any other contaminant thanks to a sealed die-cast that’s durable. Effective sealant is always on E-Z-GO’s mind because it ensures a long lifespan. Your cart needs to last all day under a variety of conditions. The sealant protects your cart against every day wear and tear that could affect your cart.

“We worked closely with E-Z-GO on this particular design, and validated the SC-48 by testing hundreds of chargers in the field,” says Lloyd Gomm, Director of Product Management at Delta-Q Technologies. “We think the SC-48 will really appeal to new and existing E-Z-GO customers.”

The SC-48 is also unique in its charging capabilities. Using analytic tools based on measurements, temperatures gathered from sensors, the charger can adjust its performance for a longer lasting lifespan.

Steven Meyer, the Product Manager of Golf for E-Z-GO describes it, “The SC-48 Charger is unique in its serviceability, as the only high-frequency golf car charger that is repairable in the field,” He went on to exemplify troubleshooting. “If a charger is damaged and reports an internal fault, our network of service technicians and distributors can repair the charger with a service kit available from E-Z-GO Genuine Parts and Accessories.”

The new battery charger is much more than just a charger, it’s creating a more conducive cart for the golf course. This will improve the vehicles lifespan, durability, and, of course, protect it in a variety of weather conditions. Is it time that your course switches to E-Z-GO golf carts?