The two may not usually go hand in hand but there is an unfortunate scenario that has numerous myths attached to it. Consider the following situation: You allow friends who are visiting to ride your ATV, provided they obey your strict rules – one person at a time and they must stay on your property. Unfortunately, one of your friends goes too fast on a turn and gets hurt when the vehicle flips onto its side.

The Myth is as follows: Because your friend was injured on your property the liability coverage on your homeowner’s policy will cover the medical bills. Unfortunately this is a myth for a good reason.

The truth is much grayer. Will your homeowner’s policy cover the medical bills? Maybe, maybe not. Unless your homeowner’s policy specifically addresses friends and family using the ATV on your property, it probably won’t cover any of your friend’s medical bills, leaving you exposed to a potential lawsuit. On top of that, the liability limit on a homeowner’s policy that does cover this scenario may not be high enough to pay all your friend’s medical bills. An umbrella policy, however, exists for this very purpose – extending liability limits to a much higher level.

If you’re concerned about the possibility of an accident, Gator Sports suggest a few helpful tips. In order to purchase an umbrella policy, insurers may require you to insure your home, car and ATV with them. The FACT is that there was an estimated 107,000 ATV-related injuries in emergency room in 2011. Accidents happen and you have to be prepared. In the case of an unfortunate accident, you will want to know your policy, what it covers, and what it doesn’t. Before you go out an ride, or let someone take your vehicle, know the risks and exercise precaution.