Gator Sports SafetyBefore you cruise, make sure you have nothing to lose!

ATVs are fast, fun, exhilarating vehicles that can make your day go from good to great. With any high-powered vehicle, however, safety should be the number one concern.

Fast speeds and a disregard for your safety and the safety of others is how accidents happen. Before you get ready to explore your backyard, ensure that your vehicle is performing to the best of its ability.

Pressure Matters

Foundation is key. The foundation for your ATV is your tires. Prior to a fun outdoor excursion, ensure that you maintain a consistent PSI for your tires. Tire pressure should be specified by the manufacturer. Feel free to contact Gator Sports if you’re unsure about the correct tire pressure for your vehicle.

Underinflating your tires can cause damage to the tread of your tires and heightens risks such a punctures and blowouts. Additionally, overinflating tires can cause them to swell, wearing down the center tread and greatly reducing traction.

Dress Up, Not Down

Proper ATV equipment is essential when riding your ATV. Remember to always dress for the occasion. Wear thick pants and long sleeves, paired with heavy boots and a DOT-approved helmet. Additionally, gloves, chest protector and goggles should be worn as extra protection.

This may not pair well with the Florida heat, but it can mean the difference in a life-changing accident. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Safety Straight from the Showroom

From the time you step into our showroom until you’re driving off our parking lot, our team is helping you every step of the way. You and your family’s safety is our number one concern. Our experienced staff is here to answer any and all of your questions.

Visit our showroom in Fort Myers where we can help find the perfect fit for your family. We believe that everyone in southwest Florida should have an ATV to truly explore our beautiful county. Safe, fun, and ready to go!