ON THE ROAD AGAIN...Happiness is an ATV.

The wind in your hair and at your back, hands holding tightly to the handle as green and brown rush past you in colorful smears. Southwest Florida is unlike any other place in the United States. With almost year-long sunshine, sandy beaches that stretch for miles, National Parks and various conservation efforts, it’s easy to see why there is such a push to conserve our great state’s natural beauty.

There’s no better way to explore your very own backyard than cruising the path less traveled. Take a drive on a Polaris ATV and experience Florida the way it’s meant to be seen.

The Sunshine State may have had an unusual week of blustery weather but we can already see the sun peeking out from behind the clouds. Temperatures will climb and just around the corner is our favorite time of year!

One Happy Camper

Reconnect with family and friends the best way we know how; on the road and in a campground! Southwest Florida is home to the best campsites in the country. Balancing conservation with camping necessities is done best by Floridians and it shows. Bond with your loved ones by planning a weekend out in the great outdoors. Breathe in that fresh Florida air and get back to what really matters. While we may live behind a screen, love our cars (believe us, we do too!), and look forward to bright and bustling night’s out, it’s nice to get away from it all. Re-energize your life and be truly present under the sun.

Best Campsites in SWFL

Strap in and get ready for some southwest Florida fun! Camping just got a little faster! Thanks to a local love of all things all-terrain, some facilities are equipped for camping as well as ATVs. Visit the best names in outdoor excitement and experience the best camping trip you’ll ever have.

Florida Tracks and Trails is a 1,000 acre theme park offering the ultimate in outdoor adventure. Camping, ATV trails, Paintball; it’s all just around the corner! Get ready for the outdoor adventure of a lifetime by visiting their website!

You only need to visit Peace River once to see why it’s a Florida favorite. Acres of virtually untouched land serves as a unique view of Florida as it naturally is. A full-service campground, ATV trails, and canoeing is available in this green wonderland. Visit their website and start planning your weekend!

Safety First

We know that you’re eager to get out and experience everything southwest Florida has to offer but remember; caution is key. Check out these OHV Safety Guidelines before you ride. The safety of yourself and those around you is the most important thing.

  • Always ride within your abilities.
  • Dress to spill- wear appropriate protective gear.
  • One rider per machine (unless the machine is designed for two).
  • Riders under 16 years old should always be supervised by an adult.
  • Do not ride a machine that is too big for you.
  • Always provide someone with a ride plan. This should include where and when you are riding, as well as a return time and date.
  • Check the weather forecast before leaving.
  • Do not drink alcohol and ride.
  • Obey all traffic and information signs.

Where Do I Start?

Are you just starting your off-road adventure? Visit the Gator Sports ATV showroom in Fort Myers where our experienced staff can answer all of your questions. We believe that everyone in southwest Florida should have an ATV to truly explore. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you get into a vehicle and get you started in your new hobby.