popular atv trails florida gator sportsIf you’re from Fort Myers, you know how hard it can be to find legal, exciting ATV trails within driving distance. The struggle is real. As summer comes to a close, why not hit the road one more time and explore some of the bigger tracks and trails in Florida? From Punta Gorda to Bristol, we found some of the most popular ATV spots.

Everything from family-friendly rides through national parks to wicked mud runs and high-speed jumps, we have you covered. Our research found five hot locations from the top of the state to the bottom. Each location has its own personality and varies in difficulty level, requirements and scenery, giving you a variety of experiences to feed your cravings for adventure.

1. Ocala National Forest in Ocala, FL

There’s plenty of ground to cover at the Ocala National Forest. With almost 200 miles of ATV/motorcycle trails, you’ll probably need more than one trip to see it all. Their trails are leisurely, designed to tread at low speeds as you absorb the forest’s lush scenery and wildlife. Ocala National Forest is perfect for group and family rides as it exposes you Ocala’s history and the many reasons why conservation remains critical to present and future generations. Click here to access maps to multiple trails.


2. Apalachicola National Forest in Bristol, FL

Get ready to pick up dust. This 195,000 acre forest is full of mud holes, switchbacks and high speed jumps that scatter the paths, which are remarkably well-marked. Click here for access to location and ATV regulations.


3. Florida Tracks and Trails in Punta Gorda, FL

Florida Tracks and Trails is made to deliver an exciting ATV adventure. They welcome every experience level and offer an adrenaline rush of sharp turns and air grabbing jumps right within an oak and pine scattered landscape. Don’t have your own ATV? No problem! Rentals are available as well. Click here for pricing and location.


4. Hardrock Cycle Park in Ocala, FL

Face loamy corners and up-hill step-ups in this Ocala-based park. There are several tracks to choose from, including a sand track, a hare scrambles course, and elevation changes that vary within a 100 foot range. Tracks span two miles and there is even a peewee track for the younger riders. Hardrock has access to amenities such as indoor restrooms, concessons and a parts and accessory shop, showers and RV hookups. Click here to learn more or call them directly at (352) 732-6697.


5. Redneck Yacht Club in Punta Gorda, FL

The Redneck Yacht Club is the perfect place to get down and dirty on the track. Featuring 800 acres of tracks and trails plus a mud track, drive-thru ATV wash as well as restrooms and concessions, it’s a full-on adrenaline junkie theme park. The Redneck Yacht Club has 4 mud holes to choose from, but why not try them all? Click here for a park map of trails.


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